Monday, 26 December 2005

Morality and Ideology

In my post earlier today at WatchBlog, I suggested that much of our escalating ideological rancor comes less from extremism than what I referred to as "radical orthodoxy". Subsequently I have discovered that there is a theological concept of radical orthodoxy, which refers to something quite different, more specific, and less objectionable than the sense in which I used the term. Perhaps I should use the term rigid orthodoxy, though that seems rather redundant.


rev. billy bob gisher ©2005 said...

turgid orthodoxy will work though.

-epm said...

I prefer turgid orthodoxy with overtones of self-assigned inerrant omniscience. But that's just me. :)

Sometimes, it's not so much a particular viewpoint that's extreme, but one's uncompromising, sociopathic devotion to a particular viewpoint -- and insistance that everyone else follow suit -- that is.