Friday, 10 February 2006

Background on Cory Maye

In my resolve this week, along with my cohorts at What is Liberalism? and others, to bring more attention to the injustice of Cory Maye's capital conviction in Mississippi, it has been brought to my attention that the case is only briefly mentioned here. You can find ample links to actions you can take beyond just signing the petition over at my diary at DailyKos.

I will add here my response to one cautionary remark by someone uncomfortable with leaving too much address data when signing the petition:
The more address that is up there, the more verifiable is your identity, which helps for authenticity, as is explained here. The email address you leave is kept private, but can be used for verification later as necessary as well. We each have our individual levels of comfort about posting personal information, but I encourage people to be as public as your comfort allows you. Activism is not about hiding behind a computer screen.

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