Friday, 4 June 2004

I'm looking for feedback from readers!

A couple of posts down, after my critique of Attorney General Ashcroft, I requested links to examples of good people who are being unjustly thwarted or incarcerated due to the overzealous policies of the justice department. I'm confident examples abound beyond the recent case of the attorney from Portland wrongfully suspected of involvement in the Madrid bombing and held nearly two weeks without charge. Please comment to that post or email me if you can point me to others.

Also to the right you will notice my "Beyond the Pale" links to stories about actions of the Bush administration which warrant far more outrage than they have received. If you have further suggestions for that series, or better articles than the ones I've chosen for those stories, I want to hear about it! I'm interested in articles, preferably from the mainstream press, which focus on facts more than opinions. It seems to me the conclusions we should draw from these are pretty obvious - or at least they should be. Well, Duh! [End of Post]

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