Thursday, 24 June 2004

Telling It Like It Is

It struck me early on that the primary reason Al Gore chose not to run again for the Presidency might be to free himself from the shackles of having to weigh every statement and address against its impact on his electability. Whether or not that was the reason, he certainly has taken advantage of his newfound independence from the electoral process to deliver speeches like the one today with its no holds barred ... ...explication of the dangerous policies relentlessly pursued by the current administration.
If the congress becomes an enfeebled enabler to the executive, and the courts become known for political calculations in their decisions, then the country suffers. The kinds of unnatural, undemocratic activities in which this administration has engaged, in order to aggrandize power, have included censorship of scientific reports, manipulation of budgetary statistics, silencing dissent, and ignoring intelligence. Although there have been other efforts by other presidents to encroach on the legitimate prerogatives of congress and courts, there has never been this kind of systematic abuse of the truth and institutionalization of dishonesty as a routine part of the policy process.

While I'm heartened by the candor and zeal shown by Gore as he continues to stump for the truth, I'm soberly aware that he is being largely ignored as much the country is unwilling to recognize truths which are unpleasant. The sad truth is that candor is rarely rewarded on election day, and Kerry recognizes that all too well as he equivocates at every corner, making laughable the right's accusation that he is too liberal. Still he could certainly do with a better speechwriter to at least pull off the appearance of candor. My best hope is that enough truth will seep out into the mainstream to make another four years of Bush untenable to enough moderates and intelligent conservatives. Thanks Al for your contribution.

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