Friday, 2 July 2004

Illusion of Private Sanctuary

Paul Rogat Loeb, in his book Soul of a Citizen: Living with Conviction in a Cynical Time declares a truth which resonates for me:
...our most serious problems, both the public ones and those that seem most personal, are in large part common problems, which can be solved only through common efforts. The dream of private sanctuary is an illusion. It erodes our souls by eroding our sense of larger connection, whether to our fellow human beings or to that force many of us call God. The walls we're building around ourselves, around those closest to us, and ultimately around our hearts may provide a temporary feeling of security. But they can't prevent the world from affecting us. Quite the opposite. The more we construct such barriers, the more private life, for most of us, will grow steadily more insecure.
This book published in 1999 toward the end of the Clinton years, is sufficiently timeless to be worthy of a read today. That said I eagerly await the release of Mr Loeb's upcoming book, The Impossible Will Take a Little While due out in mid August. [End of Post]