Tuesday, 6 July 2004


Kerry's Veep announcement provided tremendous relief to me this morning. I was coming to dread the possibility that he might make the disastrous choice of picking Gephardt for the job. Whoever thought Gephardt was a safer choice for the position is totally missing what the Democrats need: huge turnout. Do you really think there are more than a handful of folks out there on the fence about whether to bother to vote or not, who are going to get out and vote because they get to vote for Dick? Edwards in huge contrast will motivate large numbers of folks who don't especially like Bush, but are lukewarm about Kerry to get to the polls after all. Drab is Kerry's drawback - adding more drab would have been a huge error. Don't think this is about region either (other than the important fact that Edwards is NOT from the Northeast); Edwards is a National choice, and his selection may benefit the Democrats in Congressional races across the country if his addition to the ticket gets more to the polls, as I believe it will. [End of Post]

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