Tuesday, 27 July 2004

Some Crazy Predictions

Because I've just had a fit of optimism, and don't really have the time right now to compose something more thoughtful, I'll depart from my usual MO and offer up some nutty predictions . . .

Osama Bin Laden will be captured or killed sometime between the end of the Republican convention and the election, after polls show Kerry with a nearly double digit lead.

Election eve polls will show the race neck and neck.

In spite of some controversy in some state where the election is contested, Bush won't even top 200 electoral votes, and it will be a Kerry landslide by a double digit popular vote margin, with the largest turnout in recent history.

Republicans will be shocked to find that the House switches parties, with the Democrats taking a 4 to 18 seat lead.

We will return to an effective tie in the senate, 50 R, 49 D, & Jeffords.

. . . Of course the chances that ALL of the above will prove true are infinitessimally small, but I'm sticking with the general principle that the Democrats' actuals will substantially exceed their polling numbers. For my reasoning see my post from last month.

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