Monday, 1 November 2004

Sometimes Subtlety Screams

We may not be a battleground state, but there's no dearth of yard signs on my little island. Big and small, they're all over (including the ones I put at the end of my own driveway). But once name recognition is accomplished, I'm pretty sure most of us don't even really see them anymore, much less allow them to influence our vote.

A week or so ago, I was driving down the highway into town, and noticed a small sign (maybe 4 x 12 inches) on a short stick with one line of white text on a blue background, saying only: COULD IT BE . I noticed it a couple of times and was looking for another sign to complete the message, but it wasn't there. It showed up a couple of days later, in exactly the same dimensions and style 180 feet down the highway: BECAUSE HE LIED?

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