Saturday, 11 June 2005

One Year Ago

Well, there's still 2006, though the logic I used a year ago doesn't bode well for Democratic pickups in 2006. Then I wasn't anticipating the turnout on the other side generated by anti-gay initiatives. It all depends on the extent to which the various constituencies fall off in the non-presidential year, and whether there is any movement based on intervening public exposure to the corruption of DeLay and his ilk. The sooner the GOP cuts loose DeLay, not just from Leadership but from Congress entirely, the less that corruption hurts them. That's why my bet is that Tom won't be a congressman at the end of this calendar year.


Micah said...

You mean you think DeLay will be forced to resign? Methinks thou art too sanguine about human nature. The nature of political parties being what they are, the byword is "rally 'round the flag," not "cut loose the unscrupulous bad seed who has nevertheless been a terrific boon to the party as regards fundraising and such." A DeLay resignation would just be more egg on the Republican party's face; they'll avoid that at all costs, at least until after 2006. No, I think the best that conscientious Americans can hope for is his defeat in 2006, which is not too far-fetched a scenario, fortunately.

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