Wednesday, 15 June 2005

Recommended Reading

A while back I paid lip (finger tip?) service to "Getting Local", but pretty soon I was back onto national affairs and a conceptual emphasis. If you want local (Washington State) emphasis though, there are excellent places to go. Washblog recently posted a wonderful letter from precinct committee officer Noemie Maxwell, who encourages good ordinary people who are NOT angry or "partisan" to participate respectfully in party politics.
If everyone who believes in respectful behavior refrains from political involvement, we abandon some of the most powerful institutions we have to the control of the "angry rhetoric crowd."
Tim Eyman's demagoguery actually had some positive effects in spawning the entertaining efforts of David Goldstein and the youthful activism of Andrew Villeneuve and his Pacific NW Portal, where you can link to many more local progressively tilted web logs, though last I checked he still has missed the very fine offering from Mick Horan.

One of the better reflections on Howard Dean's unwanted attention was passed to me by friend and local blogger Mike Houser.

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