Monday, 4 July 2005

"America the Beautiful" for National Anthem

What more to say? Just the Obvious:
It's more beautiful.
It's easier to sing.
Nearly everyone knows it.
It focuses on the land and the people, not a military moment in the distant past.
It stirs the heart.
It doesn't divide the country.


mickh said...

Right on. . . preferably sung only by Ray Charles.

AC said...

Walker, I don't agree. For details, see my post on Zoo Station. :)

Missed you at the WSCQT this time.

qbn1der said...

Sorry, but Walker is right!

Love Asimov, but he's wrong.

This is tough to sing beacuse of the musical range it demands. For all it may say, even the first stanza is not understood by most Americans.

After 9/11, the nation took to singing America the Beautiful whenever possible, not only beacuse of its simple words, but because these words make sense, the melody is wonderful, and it speaks of peace and the wonder of nature (in addition to God also being mentioned).

It lifts our spirits, specially when sung by Ray.

qbn1der said...

Must have been smoking something. I was thinking of both America the Beautiful and God Bless America at the same time and meant to say something about Kate Smith singing the latter and screwed it all up.

Either one is better than the SSB.

Anonymous said...

First of all, God is mentioned in The Star-Spangled Banner. And what is wrong with SSB anyway!? 'Oh, its too long, I'm tired of singing.' Get some American pride people! America the Beautiful just sing about land! Not about the people! Are we going to start electing dirt for President? Well we are if we elect some Liberal for President! They say that the National Anthem shouldnt be sung in English at all! look here "'We were fighting the BRITISH in the War of 1812. And now we are fighting to preserve the National Anthem so it shoud be sung only in the language of that enemy we were fighting?'" What!? AAGGHH! Im tired of stupid ignorance!