Friday, 8 July 2005

Ridding the World of Despots

Conservatives rail against the United Nations, International Courts, International Police forces and the like, and anyone should be trepidatious about how power is dispensed to super-national groups, but given what the world faces today I think we should at least allow a conversation about coordinated action to hold rogue states to account. One year ago I was acknowledging the rightness of deposing Saddam, while seeking a better ways to accomplish comparable regime changes in the future. Just over a week ago I identified the reigns of tyrants as one of three grave power inequities with which the world needs to be concerned. We ignore this ongoing problem at our peril.

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-epm said...

If we don't act internationally -- with international consensus and true coalition -- all we have is one rogue nation invading another rogue nation on a unilateral declaration of righteousness. We don't live in a world where regional despots are in a position to conquor other countries... well, with the exception fo W. and Kim Jong-Il. This isn't like Europe a century ago. We need better ideas. Better methods.

You don't fight cancer with a cannon, yet we're fighting a war against an idea -- terror and hate -- with laser guided missles and M-16s. We'll never win a campaign against hate but creating a larger universe of people that hate us.