Thursday, 6 October 2005

So Much News

So Little Time

These days it would be a full time job to do blogging any justice. I've never felt obliged to comment on all major current events here, but when everything seems to be happening at once, it's just overwhelming. So let me recommend some other sites:

For great insights on the Plame case and Rove's upcoming testimony, check out Firedoglake, where Jane Hamsher has recently teamed up with ReddHedd to deliver all the sinister speculations as the wheels are coming off BushCo. Great Photoshopping of Rove's recent trip up, Jane! ;-)

Ordinarily I'd be anxious to deliver some commentary on the excellent vote coming out of the Senate last night. John McCain has disappointed me frequently in the past year, but this is the arena where I expect him to shine, and he did not disappoint. 90-9! Way to go Senators! Oklahoma is the lone state of total shame on this one. My heart goes out to all you believers in human decency in the Sooner State.

With the Supreme Court season coming into full gear and a nomination still on the table, don't forget to check in on SCOTUSblog for all the latest.

There has been a lot of tragic local news in the Puget Sound area recently, with the crash of a Medic Helicopter carrying the pilot and two nurses, the death of two scientists, crushed by logs rolling off a truck on Tuesday, and the usual assortment of fires and crime.

That and a friend of mine is prominently featured on Grist, where he is ready to take all questions on the impact of Mangrove destruction and how we can help in the fight to abate it. Go Alfredo!

Finally, speaking of how we can help, here is a long overdue tip of the cap to one of the most positive blogs I've encountered, so what can I do? which always looks to action rather than complaint in encountering the injustices of the world. Karama Neal, the host, is currently celebrating the blog's anniversary by pledging a donation to three worthy organizations for each comment left here.


Walker said...

Oh yeah, and the President gave a speech, supposedly about Iraq. Huh. His office also threatened to veto the McCain amendment, as tying his hands. Tying his hands is something a few of us have been wanting to do for years. My prediction is no veto will be forthcoming. I believe that threat came before the vote turned out to be 90-9.

-epm said...

You know, I just wonder how long this administration can flap it's wings and claim it's flying.

But then again, as long as the American public is more interested in saccharine, feel-good, flag waving posturing, than in doing the grown-up work that a functioning democracy requires, the gate will remain open to plunderers, charlatans, and despots.

Phew. I gotta switch to decafe! :)

Karama said...

Thanks for the promo, Walker! I appreaciate your efforts to spread the word about all the good we can so easily do. I hope you and your readers continue to enjoy So what can I do. Please stop by again soon!