Tuesday, 1 November 2005

Libby Replaced by Two Who Are Unfit

While most of the press dutifully follows the important Supreme Court nomination, someone is paying attention to our administration's willful disregard for common sense and decency, by replacing indicted insider Libby with two other insiders linked to spreading misinformation and authoring pro-torture policies. It's a pretty sure bet that if the truth were all exposed, it would be a lot more than just Scooter Libby confined to a prison cell. I'm all for due process, but there are some who have been executed for less egregious offenses than Cheney, Rove, and Rumsfeld, to name a few are probably guilty of. Those who have inside knowledge of any crimes have a patriotic duty to expose them to the American public. There seem to be a whole lot of people who have gotten it backwards, and are endangering our national security in the name of protecting it.

Thanks to Basie! for keeping his eye on the ball.

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mg said...

Bush is too much of a bimbo to be anything more than a puppet on a string. One of the guys pulling the strings is Cheney, for sure.

It is fitting that it took those authors 4 paragraphs to state the names of the replacements for Libby. How many people ever heard of Old Scooter before the scandal? Now promoted are these little known guys, a little further down the line, also elemental to the war/lie.

Keeping layers between those pulling the strings (equipped with their anonymous operatives)and the innocuous appearing bimbo figurehead is the GOP way. (See "teflon" circa 1980-88.)