Monday, 12 September 2005


In seeking information for my previous post, I discovered an excellent fairly new web log which I added to my sidebar, but failed to credit in my post. thieves in the temple presents a kind of spartan approach to activism, with sharp commentary, sprinkled with links to political action sites, and a digestible sidebar, with what appear to be very carefully chosen links. I was immediately jealous of the uncluttered look, and found the linked blogs to be largely ones I had never seen before, and of similar high quality.

There's one other acknowledgment that I cannot make. The Labor Day post that originally led me to the United for a Fair Economy study was lost when my computer froze, and I have been unable to find it again. It was very similar to the Spitting Image article, but was accompanied by an up-to-date line graph which I've not seen since. If the author of that blog happens upon my site, please be in touch.