Saturday, 29 January 2005

Leafleting Suggestions

Printing out the fliers:

> Make sure you are printing out the flier with the image! The all text version is the old one. This page should link to the correct ones now.
> Use a high speed printer if you have one - black & white is fine
> Print on brightly but lightly colored paper, but white if it's all you have
> If you don't have your own, find a shipping or other store that has a paper cutter (scissors would be a major hassle)

Before you go:

> Check your Senators' websites and find out if they've already taken a position, and incorporate it into what you repeat as you pass them out. If they are on the judiciary committee, then they already have taken a stand (along party lines), but people shoud still call even those members, thanking the Dems and asking the Repubs to reconsider.
> Decide ahead of time what you will say to people. Depending on how fast the pedestrian traffic is moving time will be very limited. Have a couple of versions ready.

Choosing your location:

> Choose a high traffic place where people are on the move


> Two people are better than one, the second further along to catch those who missed the first
> Depending on location, 4 or 5 people may be best
> Be ready to sound like a broken record, don't be silent! It's a largely different set of people who are inclined to take political leaflets, than those who take commercial ones - we might as well get them into the more receptive hands. Practice beforehand - I used "Call your Senators about Gonzales nomination" - it's a mouthful, and then "Thank the Senator for her opposition" when the flier was taken. That won't work everywhere. Decide on something you're comfortable with and keep talking.
> Hold a single leaflet out at a time, where it is easy to grab
> Be pleasant, but don't get distracted, ignore the trolls and move on to the next.

Reply to this if you have other suggestions. I'm by no means a veteran at this, and I may be spoiled by living in a relatively liberal community.

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