Wednesday, 8 September 2004

Footnotes worth sharing

When I speak of recognizing "good will behind disparate ideological masks", I don't mean vainly looking for good intentions among those whose malevolent methods are well established. Within the current administration and the Republican leadership of the House, I look at the most powerful forces who they wouldn't have dared put on display at the RNC as beyond any reasonable hope of redemption., who have been delivering me hope for the last several years, sent an email out to its membership this morning, enjoining us to call on the House Ethics Committee to appoint an outside counsel to investigate the illegal activities of Majority Whip Tom DeLay. The footnotes within that email are worth sharing:
[1] A bribe was attempted while the Medicare bill was held open:
[2] The official summary of the formal complaint against DeLay:

[3] AP: Four on Ethics Panel Accepted Delay Money

[4] Houston Chronicle: DeLay's national committee documents Enron

Several other articles detail DeLay's fundraising abuses:
Washington Post: DeLay's Corporate Fundraising Investigated

Dallas Morning News: As DeLay raises cash, critics raise questions (registration required)
These editorials call for an outside counsel:
Miami Herald: Unethical ethics panel

Austin American-Statesman: Outside investigation of ethics charge
(registration required)

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