Wednesday, 22 September 2004

Let's Stay and Fight

Now that I live in a strategic location for a yard sign, I've taken the opportunity to post my political preferences in that way. Ho hum.

The other day after completing a game of Scrabble, my opponent asked me "So have you made arrangements to move to Canada?"

My response was "No it's jail if anything for me; I'm gonna stay and fight"

It's remarkable enough that conversations like this are happening all around, and people immediately know what each other are talking about - even totally out of context. My wry response may have been half joking, but my seriousness about feeling that much of what I value about my country is under attack, and that I necessarily have become part of a struggle, is quite real.

The American Experiment is worth fighting for, and the extraordinary fortune given me to be born into this experiment is not one I feel I should blithely throw away just because the going has gotten a little rough.

I've been thinking about my prime yard sign location, and November 3rd. It may present an opportunity to put up a sign that will really get noticed.

If Bush wins:

Don't move to Canada
Stay and Fight!

If Kerry wins:

Don't Relax
There's Work to Do!

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