Tuesday, 14 September 2004

Local Interlude

Generally this site concerns itself with national or global issues, but tonight I'll be watching my state of Washington's primary returns come in at the headquarters of candidate Ron Sims. I support Sims for his advocacy of supplanting the state sales tax and business & occupation tax, with a progressively structured state income tax, which we don't currently have at all. It takes political courage to run for public office on a platform which creates a new tax, but the restructuring makes sense to this observer, and it will be interesting to see how the election goes.

I would consider Sims a long shot, but should he win the primary, Republicans will be salivating at the increased likelihood of a November pickup of a governorship in this Democratic leaning state. They'd do well to remember 1992 before they grow too confident, however, when a very liberal Congressman, Mike Lowry from Seattle, surprised the prognosticators by winning statewide. It should be a similar election, with a large turnout among voters disaffected with the first term of a Bush administration. [End of Post]

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