Monday, 27 September 2004


To those of you who check in frequently, I apologize for not posting more often, but that's life even (especially?) in election season. Let me point out, however, that I also periodically update my sidebar with new links. The Gumption Memo is over ten years old now, but it offers some wisdom still relevant today. Even if you come to entirely different conclusions, the methods the author suggests are well worth consideration. In a similar vein the Stewardship site offers some analysis and perspective not easily canned in a particular box. Check out the numerous essays there. I'm especially fond of creative philosophical thinking which isn't hostage to any particular ideology. For that reason I was also attracted to the writing of Micah Newman (see the Blogs section) whose position paper on polarity resembles two of my early posts in spite of our having very disparate perspectives on many particulars. Additionally, especially if you are interested in education issues, don't miss the writing of "an old soul", also in the blogs section. Happy surfing!

I should also note that this entire enterprise could be more rewarding if I received more direct feedback. The contact me link should always be available in the Links and Articles section of my sidebar.

Thanks! [End of Post]

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