Friday, 24 September 2004

On Message

Whenever Kerry talks about any domestic issue he is criticized from all sides that he does not get the fact that "national security" is the only issue of this campaign. At the same time we have the House Republicans truly wasting time:
PASSED. True to form, the House passed Missouri Representative Todd Akin’s ludicrous Pledge Protection Act this afternoon, 247 to 173. If you look at the roll call the 34 Democratic “yeas” aren’t too surprising -- lots of folks from red states and rural areas. But the fact that only 6 -- 6, for God’s sake! -- Republicans crossed the aisle to nix this moronic bill is a true testament to the House GOP’s discipline.

Like so many of the legislative and constitutional curiosities the House Republicans manage to get passed, this stands hardly any chance of getting through the Senate. But look, this was unquestionably a critical priority this legislative session, what with a dozen appropriations bills yet to be passed and sweeping intelligence reforms yet to be considered.
Why don't these Republicans "get it" about national security?

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Anonymous said...

This flag protection stuff is right up there with all the other bloated patriotism Republicans spit. Bush and his "freedom's century" crap is really getting on my nerves. What I found interesting was watching Bush speak to the U.N. last week. You didn't get any roaring cheers or standing ovations out of that crowd. It must have been hard on him.

-Adam (