Thursday, 2 September 2004

Thanks, Zell! The Fire Returns

Well, I was beginning to get that deer in the headlights feeling, what with McCain and Giuliani couching their putative admiration of our Commander in Chief in terms which the average American who doesn't know otherwise might find convincing. Even Laura did a convincing job of painting her husband in humanitarian tones that belie the persistent callousness that characterize the policies of this administration. It took a turncoat Democrat spouting vicious lies and distortions to reignite the fire in my belly to counter the 87 billion dollar lies, the mischaracterization of recklessness as strength, and the deceptive concealment of plans to privatize our national treasures such as parks and schools behind compassionate rhetoric. Mark Shields noted that Miller's speech was "red meat for the base", and indeed it was, but it was red meat for the progressive base as well. Grrrr! The gloves are off, here we go!

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